A week of mama Lauren McAdam Photography mum pulling out loose tooth Geelong Newtown Torquay Family documentary Photographer

Every day this week I'm going to step into the frame with my kids for #aweekofmama. Not for me but for them. For their future selves to see that I was there. For every activity, illness and in this case when a loose tooth needed to come out!

A week of mama Lauren McAdam Photography Geelong Newtown Torquay Family photographer mum reading to daughter

Day 2 #aweekofmama
Stories at bedtime are a ritual that you never let us miss. As you both get older though, the odd negotiation is starting to creep in, "If I can stay up later I promise I won't ask for a story". I know these story times are fleeting and in the future teenage years that door will be shut, there won't be a cuddle before bed and 'Go dog go' read for the hundredth time. To be honest some nights I'm relieved when Dad is the chosen one to read the story, and I rush off to get more jobs done. Then there are nights when I'm disappointed that you asked for Dad, wishing I was the one having that quiet cuddly time with you.

A week of mama Lauren McAdam Photography Geelong Torquay Newtown Family photographer

Day three #aweekofmama

I actually got you to stop playing football and help bring in the groceries. What are my chances of you actually helping me put them away? Or helping to cook dinner? Or liking what I cook? No chance! It might be a small win, but I'll take it.

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Day four #weekofmama

You: "Shut the curtains, the sun is in our eyes" Me: "Wait just a minute, the sun has just lit up your faces. Just one photo."

I hear myself saying it a lot. Just one more photo. Part of me feels guilty for making you stand still for a second longer or making you step into the light. But I do it anyway. I do it to stop time. I love nothing more than looking back at your sweet faces as you have grown through the years. I hope one day you treasure the memories as much as I enjoy taking them.

LAURENMCADAMDOTNOV2107 Geelong family photographer mum and daughter

Day five #weekofmama

Lately you have been asking questions that are above your age. "Where will I live when I'm older? Who will I marry?" 
After chatting with your kinder teacher yesterday, I had to ask you "Are you telling everyone at kinder that we have a new baby at home?" "No", you said with a guilty look on your face. "Why are you saying that?" I asked. "Because I just wish I was older. I wish I was a grown up. I wish I had a baby. How long does it take to get a baby? How old do you have to be?" Slow down kid. You're just four.


a week of mama Lauren McAdam Photography Geelong Family documentary

Day 6 #weekofmama

I long for the day you can make your own breakfast. That way I won't have to put up with the requests and complaints like I'm your servant. "It's too hot, you didn't put enough honey in, I wanted weetbix not porridge". I wonder if I'll miss it when I'm not needed?


a week of mama babe asleep on mum Lauren McAdam PhotographyGeelong

Day 7 #weekofmama

I took this image a few years ago. My littlest one asleep on my chest. It was a sunny day and we been playing out in the canola crop at her grandparents farm. When I look at this photo I can remember the cool of the darkened room and the sticky heat from her. I felt I should move her so she wasn't so hot but didn't want to wake her. I was probably selfishly enjoying having her close. I love how an image can transport you back in time and not only see the moment but feel and hear it as well. This is one of my favourite photos of us together and I'm happy I took the time to press the shutter. To preserve that moment when it was just her and me.