Geelong Family Lifestyle Photography - Boys will be boys

I’m sure we can all resonate with how quickly childhood flies by. The eldest child of this family was about to start high school. In that land of limbo of still playing Lego with his brothers but teenager years on the horizon. His parents wanted to capture this innocent time before things change.

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Geelong Lifestyle Family Photography - Sunshine and rainbows

Weekends are precious in this household.  With running two family businesses and two small children weekdays are busy. With their weekend session booked in this family wanted to capture all the things they love doing as a family.

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The Car Project - Geelong Family Documentary Photography Feature

In 2017 I undertook the Car Project as a collaborative project over 52 weeks with New Zealand Family Photographer Claire Humphries and Melbourne Family Photographer Fran Jorgensen. One photo a week of life in and around our car. Fast forward to now, and our heads are spinning - our little project has just been shared on Fearless and Framed - an inspiring community for documentary photographers. This project was a great way to push us creatively and also a great way to document our life over one year. Claire has written an awesome article about the project, so grab a cuppa and head over to the Fearless and Framed blog and have a read and check out some of our photos from the project.

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For 2018 we decided to get others in on the fun so we are running a couch project. Head over to Instagram and join in! The Couch Project

Baby William - An in home newborn session by Lauren McAdam Geelong Photographer

One of the perks of my job is to be able to travel to different homes all over the countryside.  I love how each of my sessions are so different because every family and home are different.  This family lived on an amazing farm, filled with cows, sheep, chickens, two funny alpacas and some ferrets!  Even though I was there to document the arrival of sweet little William, it was his big sister that stole the show.  She was such a chatterbox, showing me around the farm and telling me all about it.  Have a look below at the fun we had!

Nanna's - I wish I could go back - Lauren McAdam Geelong Photographer

Every now and then I get the familiar pang of regret and I wish I could go back.  I had my chance to document my grandparents while they were still with us and I didn't take it.  In my early 20's I enjoyed photography but I didn’t realise the importance of documenting the details of everyday.  

I wish I could go back as I am now, with camera in tow and document all of the things I remember of my grandparents.  

As children, my sister and I would race up to the kitchen bench and pick up each stool and give it a shake to make sure we weren’t getting the one with the mysterious rattle inside.  Then we would sit and watch my grandfather wash all the veggies he had brought in from his garden.  Of course these memories are etched in my mind.  I just have to close my eyes and I can see him.  Or at any moment I can see my Nanna sitting on her outdoor swing reading a magazine. She would hear us and look up and smile as we ran out the back door.  While these memories will always be mine to treasure, they can't be shown to my children or passed down the line.  

Last year I stumbled across my Nanna and Poppa’s old home in the real estate section and took the opportunity to show my kids the house. It surprisingly hadn't been renovated.  Same wallpaper, same kitchen.   It was a big deal to me to take the kids back to a big part of my childhood. They had never been to this house, my grandparents had passed before my youngest was born. Of course they weren't overly interested, unaware of the importance to me.  I really wanted to take my camera and capture my children in the house, but I thought it was a bit strange seeing as it doesn’t belong to my grandparents anymore. So I settled for a few iPhone snaps to show that they had been there and bored the kids with a running commentary.   “This is where we used to play libraries with my cousins and here are the rose bushes where we used to put the petals in water and pretend to make our own perfume.”  I wanted them to see the bench that my Nanna used to sit at and scribble little pictures as she talked on the telephone.  The tree we used to climb.  Where we used to have the Christmas tree in front of the bay window and my Poppa would wear his flashing rainbow headband to make me and my cousins laugh. 

This is what I want to give to my clients, the photos that I never took. 

Christmas day in front of the bay window.  Poppa wearing his rainbow headband.  That’s me on the far right along with my sister and cousins

Christmas day in front of the bay window.  Poppa wearing his rainbow headband.  That’s me on the far right along with my sister and cousins

 My children in the lounge of my Grandparents old home.  The bay window in the back ground.

 My children in the lounge of my Grandparents old home.  The bay window in the back ground.

It wasn’t until I dug out this old photo for this post that I realised the new owners still have the same fire guard and the the knight in armour! See photo above.

It wasn’t until I dug out this old photo for this post that I realised the new owners still have the same fire guard and the the knight in armour! See photo above.

Those Newborn Days - In-home session with Geelong Photographer Lauren McAdam

During this in-home newborn session, this beautiful baby's Daddy talked to him as he started to fuss.  "It's alright, these photos are for us to look at when your bigger".   His mum mentioned to me that she thought she would regret not booking a session and capturing these moments.  I'm so happy she did.   What a wonderful gift to your son.  For him to look back on as he grows and to see how much he is loved and cherished.  For him to see the way his parents looked at him and each other in those first few weeks of becoming a family.  This is one lucky babe.  

The farm - An in home family photography session with Geelong photographer Lauren McAdam

When booking this family session the mum asked if it was ok to hold the session at her in laws farm.  While they don’t live there it’s a place they spend a lot of time.  Her husband runs the family farm and you could tell the kids relished their time there.   

Our kids are lucky enough to have the best of both worlds:  a home in town and their grandparents family farm to visit whenever they like. I love how my kids rarely watch TV there, always outside exploring or playing card games and colouring. These children were the same, helping with farm work and retreating inside for some LEGO.

Even though I specialise in in-home sessions it doesn’t have to be your home.  When booking a session, my main hope is making sure the location is special to you.  It could be a grandparents house where we can record the children exploring Grandma’s garden or playing board games that their dad used to play when he was little.  Maybe I could meet you at a crazy uncle’s house because he has cool stuff and the kids are allowed to go bonkers over there!  Wherever it is, it should be a place dear to you and one you want to remember.

Two little mates - A newborn photography session with Geelong Photographer Lauren McAdam

With two years and one day between them, I'm sure these little fellows will be great mates.  During the session the big brother started giving his baby brother a collection of cars to play with.  He has a little while to wait before he can play but along with their fur brother George, lot's of adventures await them!

Couch Project April Collection

  One photo a month of life on and around your couch.   

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Below we have another collection of beautiful, real images of life on our couch.  Each photographers name has a link to their website or Instagram pages for you to see more of their work.  Call past our Instagram page and blog this month to see more brilliant images, this month focusing on ourselves getting into the frame!

Karen Burke

Karen Burke

Sarah Zuchetti

Sarah Zuchetti

The Clan

This was shoot was taken on a lovely Spring day last year giving us a taste of the Summer ahead. These five cuties were the proud new owners of an awesome cubby so we naturally spent the morning playing house!  Swings and strawberry picking in their home grown vegetable garden were also a must.

The K Family

I always like to get the boring posed photo out of the way, then we can have some fun!  I have so many memories of spending hours of fun with my cousins.  Great to be able to capture these cousins doing what they always do in Summer, hang out in the pool and play cricket and give them memories to look back on.

Donkeys, chickens and kids...oh my!

To celebrate Audrey the donkey's adorable babe Franchesca arriving on Tuesday, I thought it was about time I blogged her session from December!  Well it wasn't entirely Audrey's own shoot, her owners were involved too along with their pony, lamb and chickens.  It was a beautiful morning spent with these happy children and their pets.  So lucky to have his farm to grow up on.  I'm cool are these Donkey's?!  

            Would you like Lauren to capture your family's story?  

The Couch Project - January 2018

Time to kick off the couch project for 2018!  One photo a month of life on the couch.  'Life on the couch' is different for everyone but for most it's usually a place where we all come together.   Enjoy getting a glimpse into these photographers homes as they share what their life looks like.  So many wonderful photographers from all of the world are joining in,  Australia, New Zealand,  America, Canada and Holland.  Click on each photographers name to visit their website or Instagram page.

Annick Paradis

Annick Paradis

Coralee Askew

Coralee Askew

Karen Burke

Karen Burke

Katy Bindels

Katy Bindels

Aimee Glucina

Aimee Glucina

The Geelong Show

It's October and in Geelong that means one main thing ... the show is heading our way.  It's an institution for most families to head to the show over its four days. I remember going as a child and one of my favourite photos of my mum is her on the cha cha with a friend.
So far we have managed to not buy a single showbag and the kids have never asked!  I know, crazy!  Each year we come away and high five each other with another successful avoid-the-showbag year.  But for how long?  
Dogems are always a favourite and I was so excited last year when my son agreed to try the cha cha with me.  Best ride ever.

Why an in-home session is perfect for your family

Rushing around to get the children in their best clothes, “don’t get dirty, hurry the photographer is waiting!” 

Does that sound like your family before your on location photoshoot? 

Wait...why are you leaving?  Your already in the perfect place. Your home. 

This where the memories are made. 

This is the place that means the most to you.   

Lauren McAdam Photography geelong torquay newtown jan juc family in home photographer homestead-8.jpg

It doesn’t matter that your house isn’t the prettiest or the cleanest.  Embrace the mess and chaos that children bring. When you look back at the photos of their childhood, you won’t see the mess, only the connections you felt during that particular time.  The little details of your children’s favourite cup and toys. The drawing on the wall that no one owned up to. The way the light was always beautiful in the kitchen while everyone ate breakfast together.  The way your littlest never left your side and clung onto your legs.  These would be forgotten about if all of your photos were taken at the local park every year.


I hear many people say, “My house is too messy” or are worried about their kids behaviour.  At home is where children really shine.  They’re relaxed and comfortable in familiar surroundings. 

It’s time to document these days of childhood in a real, unposed way.  Childhood is over in a blink of an eye.   Looking back in years to come the everyday will be what we hold dearest. Preserve their childhood. Tell their story as it truly was.

If you are interested in having your family’s story told through an in home session or have any questions regarding the process, please feel to email me HERE or more information.

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