The farm - An in home family photography session with Geelong photographer Lauren McAdam

When booking this family session the mum asked if it was ok to hold the session at her in laws farm.  While they don’t live there it’s a place they spend a lot of time.  Her husband runs the family farm and you could tell the kids relished their time there.   

Our kids are lucky enough to have the best of both worlds:  a home in town and their grandparents family farm to visit whenever they like. I love how my kids rarely watch TV there, always outside exploring or playing card games and colouring. These children were the same, helping with farm work and retreating inside for some LEGO.

Even though I specialise in in-home sessions it doesn’t have to be your home.  When booking a session, my main hope is making sure the location is special to you.  It could be a grandparents house where we can record the children exploring Grandma’s garden or playing board games that their dad used to play when he was little.  Maybe I could meet you at a crazy uncle’s house because he has cool stuff and the kids are allowed to go bonkers over there!  Wherever it is, it should be a place dear to you and one you want to remember.