The Car Project - Geelong Family Documentary Photography Feature

In 2017 I undertook the Car Project as a collaborative project over 52 weeks with New Zealand Family Photographer Claire Humphries and Melbourne Family Photographer Fran Jorgensen. One photo a week of life in and around our car. Fast forward to now, and our heads are spinning - our little project has just been shared on Fearless and Framed - an inspiring community for documentary photographers. This project was a great way to push us creatively and also a great way to document our life over one year. Claire has written an awesome article about the project, so grab a cuppa and head over to the Fearless and Framed blog and have a read and check out some of our photos from the project.

To see all of my Car Project images click here

For 2018 we decided to get others in on the fun so we are running a couch project. Head over to Instagram and join in! The Couch Project