Dot to Dot Collective - August 2017

I've always been interested in and valued the recording of our family history.  As a child I poured over our family tree, looked through old newspaper articles and historic photos my mum and aunt had spent hours collecting.  Trying to join the dot's of who was who and where they fit in to our family.  It's something I want to do for my own children.  Have their history, their story at their fingertips.  I recently took a workshop taught by the magnificent Heather Robinson called 'The Family Historian'.  I can't speak highly enough about this course.  Heather so openly lets you into her life and her very personal writing to her children.  Her images of her own children are breath taking.  Real life taken in beautiful pockets of light accompanied by heartfelt, raw words.  The course explores pairing your photos with a narrative and creating a family legacy to leave behind for your children.  Images can tell so much about the story but there is so much they can be said, so much more to tell. 
The below image is my submission to The Dot to Dot Collective, a collaborative project by a group of photographers who met through The Family Historian.  So excited to be part of this group of talented photographers. 
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