Those Newborn Days - In-home session with Geelong Photographer Lauren McAdam

During this in-home newborn session, this beautiful baby's Daddy talked to him as he started to fuss.  "It's alright, these photos are for us to look at when your bigger".   His mum mentioned to me that she thought she would regret not booking a session and capturing these moments.  I'm so happy she did.   What a wonderful gift to your son.  For him to look back on as he grows and to see how much he is loved and cherished.  For him to see the way his parents looked at him and each other in those first few weeks of becoming a family.  This is one lucky babe.  

The Clan

This was shoot was taken on a lovely Spring day last year giving us a taste of the Summer ahead. These five cuties were the proud new owners of an awesome cubby so we naturally spent the morning playing house!  Swings and strawberry picking in their home grown vegetable garden were also a must.

The K Family

I always like to get the boring posed photo out of the way, then we can have some fun!  I have so many memories of spending hours of fun with my cousins.  Great to be able to capture these cousins doing what they always do in Summer, hang out in the pool and play cricket and give them memories to look back on.

Why an in-home session is perfect for your family

Rushing around to get the children in their best clothes, “don’t get dirty, hurry the photographer is waiting!” 

Does that sound like your family before your on location photoshoot? 

Wait...why are you leaving?  Your already in the perfect place. Your home. 

This where the memories are made. 

This is the place that means the most to you.   

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It doesn’t matter that your house isn’t the prettiest or the cleanest.  Embrace the mess and chaos that children bring. When you look back at the photos of their childhood, you won’t see the mess, only the connections you felt during that particular time.  The little details of your children’s favourite cup and toys. The drawing on the wall that no one owned up to. The way the light was always beautiful in the kitchen while everyone ate breakfast together.  The way your littlest never left your side and clung onto your legs.  These would be forgotten about if all of your photos were taken at the local park every year.


I hear many people say, “My house is too messy” or are worried about their kids behaviour.  At home is where children really shine.  They’re relaxed and comfortable in familiar surroundings. 

It’s time to document these days of childhood in a real, unposed way.  Childhood is over in a blink of an eye.   Looking back in years to come the everyday will be what we hold dearest. Preserve their childhood. Tell their story as it truly was.

If you are interested in having your family’s story told through an in home session or have any questions regarding the process, please feel to email me HERE or more information.

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