The Dot to Dot Collective

The below images are my submissions to The Dot to Dot Collective, a collaborative project by a group of photographers who met through The Family Historian workshop I recently took. So excited to be part of this group of talented photographers!

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I can't speak highly enough about this course. Heather so openly lets you into her life and her very personal writing to her children. Her images of her own children are breathtaking. Real life taken in beautiful pockets of light accompanied by heartfelt, raw words. The course explores pairing your photos with a narrative and creating a family legacy to leave behind for your children. Images can tell so much about the story but there is so much of that can be said, so much more to tell.


NOVEMBER Dot to Dot 

                                                                            Four going on thirty

Lately you have been asking questions that are above your age. "Where will I live when I'm older? Who will I marry?" After chatting with your kinder teacher yesterday, I had to ask you "Are you telling everyone at kinder that we have a new baby at home?" "No", you said with a guilty look on your face. "Why are you saying that when it's not true?" I asked. "Because I just wish I was older", you replied " I wish I was a grown up. I wish I had a baby. How long does it take to get a baby? How old do you have to be?" Slow down kid. Your just four.

LaurenMcAdamPhotographyGeelongSEPDottoDot2017 boy with afl football


 Is he home yet?

You've always spent your afternoons counting down the minutes for him to come home.  Your idol.  Your Dad.  Lately, with your love of football in full swing, you dress up in head to toe Cat's gear in readiness for the daily kick to kick.  Football under your arm, you keep checking at the window hoping to see his ute pulling in.   Hurry up Dad!

august dot to dot lauren mcadam photography  geelong newtown torquay family photographer friends waving goodbye after school

AUGUST Dot to Dot 

        It's all about the love

Whilst driving home from school today you said to me, "Is Mia our family?"  "No, she's just a great friend." I answered.  Your sister piped up, "It's about the love.  If you love someone it means they're your family".  I told you both that you can love friends too.  "Yeah because I love Cooper and he's my friend AND I love Spencer and he is my friend AND I love Tom and he is my friend!"  Watching you wave goodbye to your school friend this afternoon made me think about the friends you will have during your life time.  Will these first great mates stay with you or will time and different schools in the future drift you apart?  I hope you are lucky enough to know what it's like to have wonderful friends around you like your Dad and I do.  That's all I wish for you my sweet boy. 

Lauren McAdam Photography geelong belmont newtown torquay family photographer ballet dot to dot collective

JULY Dot to Dot 

Something for you
You were so excited, counting down the sleeps.  Finally something for you.  You've watched your brother go to his own activities and you've been asking to learn ballet for way too long.  You're first day came and I was so proud watching you happily join in with the other girls you didn't know.  You couldn't have looked sweeter as a ballerina, your little soft tutu and hair in a tiny bun.  As you skipped out of the ballet studio you grabbed my hand and said, "And I've already made a best friend!".